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We are a non-profit association providing educational meet-ups and social networking events to bring the community together to discuss and build the blockchain ecosystem.

Everyone is welcome to join our decentralised community and contribute to the Australian Blockchain Ecosystem...


We believe knowledge is KEY to making educated decisions, the members of ATB are all passionate about the blockchain and crypto ecosystem and want to add value to the community.

Community Memembership


You are considered a member automatically by following us on

Free access to all ATB educational events.

Free access to non-ticketed social networking gatherings.

Free blockchain and crypto courses.

Event Sponsors

Australia's largest Web3 development agency. Shaping the new world through blockchain and web3 innovation. We believe in the world-changing promise of decentralised technologies and partner with project teams from across the globe to accelerate adoption. 


Bitget is a Secure and Reliable Asset Platform, Get access to the Spot and Futures market. We are one of the world's leading crypto exchanges and the largest crypto copy trading platform.

Event Sponsors

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This non-profit organization was born to create 
Our vision is to create a community and
social club that is owned by its members.

The Premium blockchain community in Brisbane, Australia

Join us on the mission to increase blockchain adoption





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